What Are Karatbars

Karatbars are an affordable way to safeguard your wealth using privately issued currency grade 999.9 24 karat gold bullion. Discover what Karatbars are & how they can act as your personal savings to hedge against financial collapse.

What Are Karatbars

Is Karatbars A Scam

A detailed analysis of Karatbars International that explores Spot Price, Pyramid vs. MLM, Gold Pricing Points, Testimonials, In-Built Certification Features and common misconceptions pertaining to this revolutionary new Gold product.

Is Karatbars A Scam

Karatbars Income Opportunity

Create a passive residual income via a well-designed affiliate program that provides the necessary marketing tools, advice & support to help you achieve financial independence & a way to accumulate your Karatbars Gold for FREE.

Karatbars Income Opportunity

What Are Karatbars

Karatbars Are A Great Way To Protect Your Money

Karatbars are LBMA certified 999.9 24 Karat currency grade gold bullion that is encased in a sleek, wallet sized card. They are available in 1g, 2.5g & 5g denominations and each card contains several key security features to make their authenticity verifiable anywhere in the world.

Each card contains;

  1. certified gold quality and weight
  2. authenticity stamp
  3. certified weight
  4. Assayers signature
  5. LBMA certification
  6. Embossed serial number
  7. Security hologram


Based in Stuttgart Germany, Karatbars International is the LARGEST Producer of 1 gram Gold Bullion in the World!

A world renowned company, Karatbars International are in their 5th year of business and is now operating in over 123 countries worldwide.

Having developed a reputation of excellence in the fields of customer service, gold manufacturing and storage, Karatbars provides an affordable way for people to safeguard their wealth and make lucrative commissions with their highly profitable affiliate programs.

Why Countries Such As China, Russia & India Are In A Gold Buying Frenzy

To an effort to hedge against this pending economic collapse Central Bankers have taken 77 metric tonnes of gold off the market in 2010, 457 metric tonnes in 2011, 409 metric tonnes in 2012 and a massive 545 metric tonnes in 2013.
The past several years has seen an upsurge in the demand for gold by countries. As of June 2015, China officially holds 1, 658 tonnes; Russia 1,275.0 tonnes, and India 557.7 tonnes.

In 2013, Russia acquired 77.5 metric tonnes of gold, in September of 2014 an additional 37 metric tonnes, and another 35 metric tonnes in October 2014. Since 2009, China gold reserves have increased by almost 60 percent!

If leading countries and central banks around to world are amassing vast quantities of gold, one begs to ask the question what do they know that the general public does not?

With The Euro Collapsing & The US Dollar Beyond All Hope, it Seems Logical That a Coming Economic Collapse Is On The Horizon.

Will YOU Be Prepared For The Financial Upheaval That Will Spread Like Wild Fire?

Highest Purity 99.99% 24-Karat Gold, LBMA Certified, Highest Buy Back Price

 Karatbars Is A Safe Way To Save In Gold Whilst Being Small & Affordable




Karatbars Assessment

Karatbars International Is A Legitimate Gold Company That Outperforms Its Competitors
green-tick-smallKaratbars international are PRIVATE issuers of Gold Bullion. A very important fact! This means the government does not hold information pertaining to your gold purchases, so your gold cannot be confiscated in times of economic crisis as occurred under the EXECUTIVE ORDER 6102.

green-tick-smallAll gold purchases made through Karatbars occur offshore, whereupon your transactions are kept private and your Karatbars are vaulted free of charge offshore.

green-tick-smallCustomers can store up to 100g of gold with Karatbars international absolutely free of charge! An added bonus for customers provides them with the opportunity to ship an assortment of up to 40 cards (1g, 2.5g, or 5g) for the same cost as shipping a 1g card.

green-tick-small All Karatbar gold cards are manufactured by the well-known LBMA certified refinery Nadir Gold in Turkey and each gold ingot contains a LBMA refinery (NADIR) serialization, furthermore each card holds the signature of the Atasay Refinery’s Assayer

green-tick-smallKaratbars are available in 1g, 2.5g & 5g card denominations of the highest quality 999.9, 24 Karat currency grade gold bullion.

green-tick-smallGold can be purchased online directly from Karatbars International and has one the highest buy back prices anywhere in the world.

green-tick-smallDue to the authenticity and security features inbuilt into each Karatbar no certification papers are needed. This is the reason why the spot price of Karatbars gold is higher than JM bullion. JM Bullion charges customers for certification papers.

green-tick-smallKaratbars international is a member of the World Gold Council and is regulated by both LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) and WTO (World Trade Organization).

green-tick-smallClassed as an E-commence company and provides its customers with a well-structured affiliate program for those seeking to achieve a passive residual income.

green-tick-smallKaratbars are NOT under the jurisdiction of the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), since gold does not fall under the umbrella of being a financial instrument (paper fiat currency).

green-tick-smallEach Karatbars card contains a unique serial number implanted in a hologram. This ensures authenticity and added security.

green-tick-smallKaratbars strictly adheres to international business laws and operates out of Stuttgart, Germany, which has some of the strictest business laws anywhere in Europe.

green-tick-smallKaratbars supplies its affiliates with a sleek and well-designed Karatbars MasterCard, allowing them to withdraw their money at any time. Winner of the 2013 MasterCard Prepaid Design Award.

green-tick-smallKaratbars offers a highly coveted, limited edition card that commemorates the Pope. The Vatican has a licensing agreement with Karatbars international, further adding to this well trusted reputation as a world renowned supplier of currency grade gold bullion.

green-tick-smallThe extraction process used in Karatbar development uses absolutely no cyanide or mercury, and the companies commendable efforts in this cleaner extraction approach has led to their product being suitably named “Green Gold”.

Precious Metals Expert Mike Maloney Discusses How Gold Could Climb To $20,000 Per Ounce

As previously mentioned, NO paper based financial system has EVER survived. As of 2015 the USA is in over 18 TRILLION dollars worth of debt, the UK over 1.6 TRILLION, Greece over 255 BILLION, with a global estimate of 60 TRILLION dollars worth of debt.

Most countries will never be debt free. The current debt fueled financial system is geared to keep it way! This corrupt banking system is doomed to fail! Will you be prepared when it does?

Historically gold has always maintained its inherent value as a reliable source of exchange, whereas all forms of paper currency have failed.

Once you truly acknowledge the fact that paper money is progressively loosing more and more purchasing power, you will come to recognise how important it is to take control of your personal wealth and financial future, by investing in a steadfast and resolute commodity that will maintain its value.

Saving in Gold is not only prudent – it is timeless. People can begin to safeguard their wealth and diversify their savings, by converting paper money into 999.9 24 karat gold bullion.

The Cost Of Karatbars Compared To Other Gold Dealers

 In This Example We Compare Karatbars With Baird & Co. & Chards 5 Gram Bars Of Gold


Why Should I Spend Money On Karatbars

To unders5-gram-karatbars-card-bigtand why buying Karatbars gold is such a good idea, here’s a practical example that will clarify some of the issue. The product under question in this example is the Karatbars five-gram gold bar.

Imagine that three people buy a five-gram gold bar each.

Person 1 buys their 5 gram bar of gold from Chards.

Person 2 buys their 5 gram bar of gold from Karatbars International.

Person 3 buys their 5 gram bar of gold from Baird & Co.

Person 1 pays $149.79 for their 5 gram bar of gold.

Person 2 pays $147.79 for their 5 gram bar of gold.

Person 3 pays $134.25 for their 5 gram bar of gold.

A few years later, all three of the individuals decide that they want to sell their 5 gram gold bar and get some cash for it.

Person 3 sells it back to the company that he bought the bar from. The buying price per gram is 23 pounds, which adds up to 115 pounds (a lot less than what the gold was bought for).

Person 1 is in an even worse position because the company that he bought from pays only 85 percent of the value of pure gold.

Karatbars International is the only company that buys the gold back at a price that’s higher than the spot price. The amount is 26.18 pounds per gram and this adds up to 130.9 pounds per the five grams.

In this example, Karatbars has one of the cheapest prices of gold and the best repurchase price. These are both good reasons to consider buying from the company. In addition, if you refer a person to Karatbars and they end up buying a bar, you’ll earn a nice commission.

When you combine the many advantages like the inability for the government to seize it, the fact that it has been certified by the LBMA and Karatbars International has the best buy back price and the fact that it offers you the opportunity to earn money by referring other people who are interested in buying gold. The choice becomes apparent that Karatbars are legit and they are a great way to start buying gold.

Executive Order 6102 – The Gold Reserve Act

During Times Of National Crisis, Federal Law Dictates That Gold Bullion Can Be Confiscated By The Federal Government

Karatbars Gold is Private-Issue Bullion & CANNOT Be Confiscated by Any Governmental Authoritycan-karatbars-gold-be-confiscated

Keep in mind that if you buy gold bullion or coins by a national financial institution like a bank, you will mite not be protected against a product recall or seizure.

Government-issued gold can easily be confiscated, which makes you vulnerable.

Karatbars International gold bars can’t be confiscated. There’s no need to worry that one day, you’ll lose your hard-earned money due to a governmental decision. Karatbars are defined as privately-issued bullion. As a result, they can’t be recalled, seized or confiscated.

All of the Karatbars transaction are completed offshore. The gold is also vaulted offshore. You’ll need just a username and an account number to perform each individual transaction. Upon an inspection by German auditors, you’ll simply need to verify the account number, the amount that’s held in the form of a deposit and the part of the deposit that has been transferred into physical gold.

Karatbars doesn’t fall under FTC or BBB regulations due to the fact that it’s not an MLM business and it’s also an offshore rather than a domestic company. The company is also not under the Securities Exchange Commission because of the fact that unlike money, gold isn’t considered a financial instrument.

Karatbars customers can rest assured that any transactions under the $10,000 threshold aren’t reported to any governmental or national agency. To make the purchase, clients will be free from having to provide a social security or another national identification number. What does this mean for you as a customer? Your identity and your sensitive data remain safe.

This applies to all individuals that have a clean record and haven’t been charged with or convicted off crime like money laundering, drug trafficking or any other crime under the US Patriot Act.

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